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Helios contribution to nature preservation

Helios production is influenced by an awareness of the importance of healthy and clean environment. Paints and coating formulations are changing, and components harmful to environment are being replaced in all products with those that are acceptable to people and environment.
Apart from that we develop new products that comply with the most stringent ecological standards and recommendations. Those products of varied quality are so numerous that are visually combined in the sign: fish in the sun.

Environment friendly coatings are based on binders which can be diluted by water. In the name of some products you will notice, apart from the sign of fish on the packaging, the designation acry, for instance: TESSAROL acrylic primer for woodSPEKTRA acrylic façade paint etc.



When are water based coatings particulary recommended?

With classical coatings organic solvents are being released during drying. In cases of poor ventilation high solvent concentration in the air may cause headaches, eye burns and skin allergy. These problems do not occur when small areas are coated like doors, windows, fences, parts of furniture or in cases when we work in the open air. Water based coatings are particularly recommended for treatment of big areas indoors and in all areas where children, elderly persons or patients are present and in areas where food is prepared (kitchens, restaurants ...). 

Advantages of water based coatings

  • no hazardous vapours are released during drying, additional ventilation is not required;
  • fast drying allows several coatings in shorter period of time;
  • there is no unpleasant smell;
  • if required at all, tap water is used for dilution;
  • fresh stains are removed with water;
  • there is no yellowing with time.