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HGMIX is a modern mixing system, which by mixing paints and tinted pastes enables fulfilment of colourful phantasy of consumers. The requirements and wishes, which relate to different colour shades can be realized in a shop. With the use of computer technology and suitable software colour specters may be produced locally, thus satisfying customers' needs in one place.


The complete pallet comprises over 3000 colour shades and is available in different coatings quality of Helios's trademarks TESSAROL, BORI and SPEKTRA. With the mixing system HGMIX you will without problems find the right colour shade in desired quality for wood, metals, walls, concrete surfaces etc. The platform enables you the use of HGMIX system for more than 20 different products of our assortment.

In order to facilitate the selection of colour shades, we produced at Helios the system of colour cards HARMONIA, which contain different combinations of colour spectrum for different interior and exterior surfaces. The system of colour cards HARMONIA is composed of HARMONIA Interier, HARMONIA Exterier and HARMONIA Bori. Further to selection of the mentioned colour cards HGMIX mixing system enables the preparation of the selected colour shade from colour cards: Terra, Monicolor, NCS and Ral.

How to get the desired colour shade?

Simple. Compare a sample of cloth, wall paper, floor cloth, cheramics …. with our colour proposals. After you select colour shade, the seller will prepare colour in suitable quality and desired quantity in the shop without unnecessary waiting or ordering in advance.