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The meaning and impact of colours

Colours have a strong impact on us, our perception and feelings. They can inspire us, supply energy and positive vibrations or have a negative and pessimistic impact on us. Therefore, selecting the right colours for the right spaces is of vital importance, if we want to feel good at work, play, rest ....
The following sectors address the various issues that affect the selection of right colours for your rooms. Read how the arrangement and harmony of the rooms were tackled by the ancient Chinese 3500 years ago. Their discoveries about the movement of the energy are of interest today and are reflected in the theory of Feng shui.

Colours and Feng shuiColours and Feng shui
Feng shui is a millennia old Chinese wisdom, which literally means' wind and water ". Today's School of Feng shui teaches how to properly set furniture and arrange a room to achieve harmony with the environment. Strong role of school of Feng Shui represent the colours. With colours Feng shui experts direct chi (energy) supply and beneficially change energy of certain areas of the apartment.

Harmony of colours in the spaceHarmony of colours in the space
Colours influence our mood, so the choice of shades in various areas is of key importance for the harmonious living of time in them. Man is able to detect over 2000 different shades of colour.As a result, usually because of too many shades, it is difficult to choose the correct colour shade of the room. For these decisions, we have prepared a unique colour map HARMONIA, through which we will facilitate the choice of an appropriate colour combination on the premises.

Colours and spaceColours and space
At the equipment of residental rooms colours play a decisive role. Intensive and strong colours make the room optically narrow, in the opposite calm colours give the feeling of spaciousness. Cold colours (blue, white, some shades of green, violet..) are unobtrusive, therefore for »spreading of a room« we decide for them rather then for warm colours (red, yellow, orange, brown …). Dark colours are heavy and can press on us, while light colours are light and lift us.


Man and coloursMan and colours
Colours are shown to us in countless different forms, phenomena. Man is able to detect with the naked eye at least 2000 different shades, the whole picture and the synergies are created by the combination of different colours. The fact is that we obtain about 87 % of all sensory impressions through the coloured world. Man uses paints and expresses himself through them.