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SPEKTRA building coatings

Construction coatings in HELIOS represent an important segment and a strong link with end users and professional users. Paints for interior and exterior surfaces of this segment are specialized and intended for the bottom, wall and ceiling wall surfaces. The correct and effective painting of these surfaces requires »systematic« work, that means that for a good and durable result a certain painting procedure should be followed. In accordance with this we divided our production-sales programme into several areas, each is directed to its segment of treatment of surfaces.

You can see the correct procedures for the treatment of different surfaces by clicking to our 'house':


At the painting of new wall surfaces and renovation of old ones the correct preparation of surface is one of the most important factors, which have influence on the quality and nice appearance of the top colour film. The impregnation, which should be selected with regard to type of surface and top coat penetrates deep in the substrate, cures it, reduces its permeability and essentially improves the adhesion of interior putties and wall paints.
For more information about the types, characteristics and requirements of individual impregnations see the link Impregnations – luxary or necessity?

Levelling out compounds

The surface preparation is one of the most important factors, which influence adhesion, appearance and durability of the final colour coating. Even and smooth walls emphasize the aesthetic effect of the surface, which we want to paint. The group SPEKTRA levelling out masses contains the following products: SPEKTRA interior putty, SPEKTRA interior putty for spraying and SPEKTRA interior putty rough. All three are the already prepared masses for smoothening of interior wall and ceiling surfaces: plasters, plaster-cardboard plates, concrete …

Interior wall paints - white

When painting the new or repairing the old wall surfaces - the appropriate subtrate preparation is one of the most important parameters influencing the quality and appearance of the paint film. Impregnation is chosen as a function of substrate and type of final coating and penetrates deep in the substrate, hardens it, reduces the absorption and increases the adhesion.
For more information about the types, characteristics and requirements of individual paints see the link Interior wall paints

Paints for high wear wall surfaces

Interior washable wall paint is avaiable as HGMIX tinting system in more than 3000 shades and allows an interplay with colours; suitable for high wear residential surfaces (corridors, staircases, living rooms...) and public places. When frequent repair of wall surfaces is not acceptable the washable coatings offer the best solution. Due to high quality and resistance to wet scrubbing SPEKTRA latex paint is suitable for hospitals, reception rooms, waiting rooms, sport halls and other heavy duty surfaces.
For more information about the types, characteristics and requirements of individual paints see the link Interior wall paints

Decorative multicolour coatings

In case you are tired of single colour systems then reach out for SPEKTRA Domflok. It caters for a multitude of colour combinations of substrates and coloured flakes; SPEKTRA Domflok lacquer in glossy or matt version gives good coating durability, washability and long term wall surface protection. Particularly suitable for kinder gartens, schools and educational institutions and also for public places like shops, offices, waiting rooms and high wear walls at home.
For more information about the types, characteristics and requirements of individual paints see the links: Interior wall paints, decorative coatings and characteristics of the »coloured world«

Coatings for special purposes

In cases when walls are exposed to moisture, growth of microorganisms or severe staining which can not be covered up by ordinary dispersion paints - the problems are solved with paints exhibiting specific properties and adequate wall protection. These paints are based on dearomatised environment friendly solvents, are extremely fast drying, the time allocated to repair work is therefore shortened; they offer good hiding power and high washability. They are recommended for restaurants, food processing plants, where a lot of water vapour is released, for contaminated walls or those exposed to possible contamination, wet walls ...
For more information about the types, characteristics and requirements of individual paints of this segment see the link: How to fight problematic walls

Biocide agents

Biocide agents act as preventive protection of the coloured film or we use them for disinfection of the already attacked wall surfaces. To the preparation of surface prior to painting also the improvement of surface belongs, that is attacked with microorganisms, such as mould and algae. We recommend that after the destruction of wall mould and algae you use the paint with addition of biocide, that prevents the growth of mould for a longer period.
For more information about the types, characteristics and requirements of antimicrobal preparations see the link: Fight with mould

Façade paints

When a building is finalised with paints and façade it becomes a true house. Pleasant, colourful façades give an imprint to whole streets or entire city quarters by making them visually interesting and recognisable. In the aggressive industrial atmosphere the visual attraction, regretfully, can not be the exclusive criterion for the choice of coatings. Having this in mind, Helios developed various long lasting coatings which effectively protect buildings against aggressive atmosphere, rain water, exhaust fumes and other sources of pollution. Façade paints excel in good adhesion, on the surface they form hard and durable coating, which does not attract dirt - simultaneously its' porous structure caters for surface "breathing". You may choose from various shades according to HGMIX tinting system. These coatings are suitable for old and new façades, façades on buildings of historic value and also façades of extreme exposure. For more information about the types, characteristics and requirements of individual facade paints see the link: Facade paints


Protection and decoration of facade surfaces with thermoisolation systems offers a quality, long-term and cost saving »clothes« to the facilities. In our wish for long-term stability of facade surfaces we have developed at HELIOS different plasters and belonging adhesives, which fulfil the newest European standards and enable the total treatment of your facility to us.

Something about coatings for concrete

The days of unprotected concrete façades and floors are definitely over. Damages appearing with the passage of time required expensive repair work which led to prevention protection of concrete surfaces. SPEKTRA coatings for concrete are resistant to damaging atmospheric influences, carbonation effect, which reduces decay of concrete, resistant to alkali, mild organic solvents and mineral oils. Suitable for decorative protection of masonry supports, staircases, boiler room floors etc. Water based two component epoxy coating is used for heavy duty concrete surfaces which demand harder coating and better durability.

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