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Biocide agents SPEKTRA

Biocide agents act as preventive protection of the coloured film or we use them for disinfection of the already attacked wall surfaces. To the preparation of surface prior to painting also the improvement of surface belongs, that is attacked with microorganisms, such as mould and algae. We recommend that after the destruction of wall mould and algae you use the paint with addition of biocide, that prevents the growth of mould for a longer period. For more information about the types, characteristics and requirements of antimicrobal preparations see the link: Fight with mould


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Interior rooms

  • SPEKTRA protection against mould

    Application with roller or brushPrior to use throroughly mix

    Fungicide preparation, which as the addition to interior and façade dispersion paints retards the growth of mould and algae on a colour film.
  • SPEKTRA biocide agent SANITOL

    Application with roller or brushPrior to use throroughly mix

    Man harmless biocide agent, suitable for sanation of wall and wood surfaces, which are attacked with mould and/or house fungi.