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Façade paints SPEKTRA

When a building is finalised with paints and façade it becomes a true house. Pleasant, colourful façades give an imprint to whole streets or entire city quarters by making them visually interesting and recognisable. In the aggressive industrial atmosphere the visual attraction, regretfully, can not be the exclusive criterion for the choice of coatings. Having this in mind, Helios developed various long lasting coatings which effectively protect buildings against aggressive atmosphere, rain water, exhaust fumes and other sources of pollution. Façade paints excel in good adhesion, on the surface they form hard and durable coating, which does not attract dirt - simultaneously its' porous structure caters for surface "breathing". You may choose from various shades according to HGMIX tinting system. These coatings are suitable for old and new façades, façades on buildings of historic value and also façades of extreme exposure. For more information about the types, characteristics and requirements of individual facade paints see the link: Facade paints

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