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SPEKTRA facade paint Universal


Eco-friendly paints

For the protection and decoration of facades and all other outdoor mineral wall surfaces. Suitable for the renovation of all thermal insulation systems based on Styrofoam and mineral wool, painting of all types of mineral and dispersion plasters, fibre cement and wood cement boards, concrete and for the coverage of old dispersion coatings.


  • Reinforces and bridges micro cracks
  • Biocidal protection of paint film
  • Colour stability (inorganic pigments)
  • Resistance to wearing (silica filler)
  • High degree of water resistance
  • Vapour permeability
  • Resistant to weather effects and harmful industrial atmospheres


1 litre covers 3 - 4 m2 in two coats.

Technical information:

Safety sheet:

Instructions for use:

Floor surfacesApplication with roller or brushThinning with water 5-10 %Prior to use throroughly mixApplication of next coatWash with water Working conditions


Technical data sheetsIt should not freezeDo not expose to weather influencesDo not pour into drains