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Facade – selection of suitable »clothes« for your home

The word facade has two meanings: from a technical point of view these are all the external surfaces of a building, but this word sometimes refers only to the surface of the wall, watching the street and these are also more beautiful than the others, the background surfaces. When choosing the coating and color shade, we must be aware that this is affected by a lot of factors. Normally, we first think of the aesthetic effect - the impact of the selected coating or color to the appearance of the building, consistency with the architecture, taste and desire of the owner of the building and so on. We forget, however, technical and physical characteristics of the building. With this in mind we think of surface composition, adhesion and coating's resistance on it, light and weather resistance of the selected coating and colour shade, as well as the principles of construction physics, as interventions on exterior walls have influence on the facade's function, especially isolation characteristics.

How to choose the best type of coating?

We must in particular consider the fact that the facade surface should be protected from the adverse and devastating effects of the environment. The main cause of most damages is the humidity, which penetrates inside the structures. Moisture is the carrier of acidic ions, which cause corrosion of accessories (volume of the resulting oxides and salts is a major cause in the formation of cracks in the structure - among other things it reduces the thermal insulation of buildings), and impurities that are deposited mainly on the surface of facades, the higher humidity causes the growth of microorganisms (molds, algae, mosses), and so on. Another cause of the deterioration is the sunlight, invisible parts of the spectrum, such as UV-and IR-ranges, causing deterioration of binding materials in the building structure, thereby reducing the strength, and easier access of moisture to the inside wall.
It is therefore necessary to choose such a coating and color shade, which will allow rapid exchange of moisture and prevent excessive loading of thermal energy to the surface of facades. Moisture is associated with two physical phenomena: vapour permeability and water resistance. Also important is the impact of color to protect the facade, because darker colors absorb more heat, which may in the case of enery compilation cause a quicker decay of material.

Customers are choosing acrylic facade paint (SPEKTRA acrylic facade paint and SPEKTRA acrylic facade paint with fibers) which are economically sound and fall within the class of medium vapour permeable and high water resistant paints. They, therefore protect the facade surface, but also work with them because of the water base is more friendly and less harmful to health in comparison to solvent-based paints. In the case of restoring the old facades, which are poor regarding binders and have hairy cracks it is sensible to choose paint, which covers cracks and prevents cracks of the new color film. Among them there is SPEKTRA acrylic facade paint with fibers. As regards vapour permeability and water repulsion it is similar to usual acrylic facade paint, added fibres and fillers firm the film and increase water repulsion of coloured coating.
The increased environmental awareness of producers and users strongly reduces the use of facade paints, solvent-based (SPEKTRA facade paint HELIOFAS), which are indeed less health-friendly and can be applied even at very low temperatures (up to -10 ° C if the base is not frozen), water-based paints do not allow it (the minimum ambient temperature and the workpiece is +5 ° C), then the season is limited to warmer parts of the year.

With the help of the mixing system HGMIX it is possible in all three quality facade paints to prepare over ten thousands of shades.
Façade paints based on silicon resin (SPEKTRA silicone facade paint) belong to the new generation, combining maximum vapour permeability and therefore the best possible protection of facade surfaces. By using a high UV stable and weather persistent pigments we improve protective function of a coating. Choice of shades is smaller, because we use only inorganic pigments, which meet the requirement for alcalyne UV and weather stability, which is valid also for coatings on silicate basis. In comparison to silicone facade paint more economic friendly are paints, which with a smaller portion of siicone resin and higher share of dispersion binder fall into class of high vapour permeable and water repulsive coatings (SPEKTRA siloxane facade paint).

As a result of higher contents of dispersion binder tinting is possible with universal pigment pastes on mixing system HGMIX, the selection of colour shades is same as with acrylic facade paints. SPEKTRA siloxane facade paint therefore, combines all the advantages of acrylic and silicone facade paints and is a very good protection of facade surfaces. To ensure long-term protective role of the coatings not only type of coating and selected colour shade are important but also correct preparation of surface, cleaning and repair of damaged facade parts to destroy of microorganisms (SPEKTRA biocidal agent SANITOL). Coating can not be correct defects in surface and stop the processes, which are due to moisture - may only cover them for a certain period (sometimes very short). Very important are also the way of application, the appropriate weather and temperature conditions at the time of application and drying, the proper protection of facade surfaces against moisture and excessive solar exposure during the painting, etc.
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