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SPEKTRA interior putty TERMO


Eco-friendly paints

Basic aqueous coating based on hollow glass beads that absorb, retain and reflect received heat received back into the environment. This reduces heat passage through wall surfaces from the inside in the winter and prevents the passage of heat from the outside into the environment in the summer. Consequently, this reduces the consumption of energy for heating or cooling and resolves the problem of thermal bridges. The walls cool off to a much lesser degree, preventing the formation of condensation and mould growth, thereby creating healthier living conditions. It is very easy to apply. It is suitable for all types of mineral and already painted interior wall surfaces and is characterized by good adhesion and very low load on wall surfaces to which it is applied. Due to the resulting energy savings and favourable living conditions it creates, it is recommended for indoor spaces in residential and commercial buildings, all public institutions such as schools, kindergartens, hospitals, shopping centres, halls, etc.


  • Suitable for bridging thermal bridges
  • Reduces the formation of condensation and mould growth
  • Reduces costs of heating/cooling indoor spaces
  • Ensures favourable living conditions
  • Does not contain volatile organic compounds
  • For the protection of interior wall surfaces


For area of 1 m2 you require 1 l of putty in two coats.

Technical information:

Safety sheet:

Instructions for use:

Interior wall and ceiling surfacesApplication by trowelPrior to use throroughly mixApplication of next coatWash with water Working conditions


Technical data sheetsIt should not freezeDo not expose to weather influencesDo not pour into drains