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TESSAROL Direct is a corrosion protection top coating for decoration and protection of metal and steel surfaces. It can be applied directly to rust. Due to excellent corrosion characteristics it can be used in interior or exterior, directly to surface without base paint. On the painted surface it forms a glossy top coating, at the same time the surface is protected against rust.


  • application directly to metal and steel surfaces without use of base paint
  • excellent corrosion protection
  • high film hardness
  • easy work; easy application, good levelling
  • good weather and light resistance
  • good hiding power



In single layer coating 1 litre covers 10 - 12 m2.

Colour shades:

6 standard shades and wide selection of colour shades - HELIOMIX.

Technical information:


Safety sheet:

Instructions for use:

Exterior and interior wall surfacesApplication with roller or brushPrior to use throroughly mixApplication of next coatWash with thinnerApplication by sprayingWorking conditions


Technical data sheetsDo not expose to weather influencesDo not pour into drains
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